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The 3 Secrets That Are Stopping You From Doubling Your Sales – And How To Fix It !


Katherine Minett is a Sales Success Business Coach and Trainer with 30+ years of front-line sales experience. Winner of three ‘Representative of The Year’ awards and a consistent track record of exceeding budget in several multinational corporations.

An experienced corporate trainer and coach, Katherine transitioned from corporate to business owner, establishing Minett Sales Academy.

She now coaches and trains female business owners, 40-60 years old, who sell face to face and are struggling to make consistent sales. Her clients learn how to handle their sales fears, find their ideal customers, and double their sales without feeling salesy.

Katherine does this through her unique group online transformation sales training and coaching program, The Sales Confidence Formula.


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REVEALED: The 3 Secrets That Are Stopping You From Doubling Your Sales – And How To Fix It !

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[Nyrie 00:00]:Welcome to another production for explosion marketing and Leeds explosion and today we’ve got the amazing Katherine Minett with us. So welcome, Katherine. It’s great to have you here. The for everyone. Katherine Minett is a sales success Business Coach and Trainer with 30 plus years of frontline sales experience. Winner of three representatives at awards and a consistent track record of exceeding budget in several multinational corporations and experienced corporate trainer and coach Katherine  transition from corporate to business owner, establishing minute sales Academy. Well done Katherine  coaches and trained female business owners 40 to 60 years old, who sell face to face and are struggling to make consistent sales. Her clients learn how to handle their sales fears, find their ideal client customers and double their sales without feeling salesy. Katherine does this through her unique group online transformation sales training and coaching program called the sales confidence formula. But tell me Katherine, what do you love most about your life? And what you do?

[Katherine 2:06]: Well, I think the big thing for me is having that freedom of being a business owner and not tied to the corporate world where in corporate obviously you have to be in certain places at certain times on somebody else’s agenda. And sometimes you may not want to get up at four o’clock in the morning to be on a 6am flight. If I was to choose to get on a flight to see someone I would choose a time that I would want to get on. And so although I still have to have meetings and I still have to be at places at least I have the choice it’s up to me to decide what I do and when I do it so I think really it’s that freedom, the freedom to be in control of my own life and that’s one of my core values is freedom. So that works really well for me and having been in sales for for the whole of my career over 30 years now in corporate sales. I was fortunate enough to have a certain amount of freedom because I always worked from home and as a salesperson, you get to make your own appointments and you do get to go out and see your customers and prospects. You know whenever I was able to tee up appointments with them, so I did have a control of my calendar to some degree and I didn’t mostly I didn’t work out of an office. So I’ve never really had that nine to five have had to be in the office and drive through peak hour traffic. I had a reasonable amount of flexibility, but now being self employed, I’ve got complete flexibility and so I really enjoy that and I enjoy that I’ve really feel like I’m making a difference now because as I’m working with clients, I’m actually helping change people’s lives. You know, it’s when those have those light, they have those light bulb moments and you’ve probably experienced this yourself Nyrie When you’re working with people where you just asked one question sometimes and the penny drops, they sort of stopped you can see their brain ticking over and they can then go out and make a change in their life and I love being a part of of helping people grow their business and change their lives. 

[Nyrie 3:04]: A great place to be isn’t it? That’s for sure. Yeah. So let me ask you, who is your ideal client?

[Katherine 3:12]: Well, you’ve alluded to that in the introduction, but I definitely highly driven business woman, someone who must make consistent sales because they need to scale their business. And they they may be facing some fears, fears of having to go out and sell so there might be some limiting beliefs around what sales is and their ability to sell. So I help them break through those sales fears. And also I help them with the strategic aspects of selling so it’s all about being able to set big goals and helping people be accountable for their goals. And and their prospecting and taking the actions consistently that they need to take in order to be successful at selling their products but also to grow their business and and when they do that and when they can have effective sales conversations where they’re really using a sales process that is guaranteed to help them be able to convert their leads into sales, which means they can ultimately double their sales. That’s what I do. That’s what I help people do. Especially female business owners, I enjoy working with women, they do tend to there’s many that I meet that that do have fears around what selling is and their ability to go out and make sales and when they get that shift in that mind. That paradigm shift of what selling really is that can really make a difference to their business. And then then add on the skills, the strategy and the skills along with that mindset. That’s the sweet spot. That’s when they get the three things all working together. And that’s when it can really make a shift in their business.

[Nyrie 04:52]:That’s great. Thank you for that. And you’ve sort of answered the next question, but I’ll ask it anyway. Yeah, what is the problem that you solve?

[Katherine 05:12]: [Well, I think the biggest problem for a lot of business owners is making sales and making sales consistently. So they may have those. You know, something’s going well and then all of a sudden, it’s like the sales have disappeared. So they’re not consistently getting the sales results that they need. And consistent cash flow is critical for for the life of a business as we all know. And so one of the problems that people have is that consistency of going out looking for new customers, it’s doing the prospecting and knowing exactly what they need to do, and then doing it consistently. And also for business owners as well. It’s staying focused focused on what their goals are, and aligning that their goals with their true purpose. And when you get that alignment of your goal with your purpose, that becomes your Northstar that becomes the thing that can drive you. That’s the thing that will get you out of bed in the morning when you don’t feel like it. And when things don’t go the way you want want things to go and sometimes things don’t work out as well as we would like them to work out. It’s that Northstar, it’s that goal and that purpose being in aligned that helps us keep going, keep going keep going because the only way to be successful is to consistently be moving forward despite the challenges that you faced. And it’s not that as business owners, we’re not going to we’re not going to have challenges. Of course we’re going to have challenges. The difference between the successful business owners and the ones that give up is that successful business owners they they face their challenges and they keep moving forward. They don’t let them stop them. And that’s all successful business owners. They’ve failed many times, but they pick themselves up, they dust themselves off and they just keep moving forward. Learn from your mistakes. And that’s what I encourage my clients to do.

[Nyrie 7:10] Absolutely we live we learn and we move forward. Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. So what are the typical symptoms people experience with their sales problems? And you’ve sort of touched on a few of these, but are there any more that you’d like to expand on?

Katheine 7:25 Well, the symptoms, the lack of cash flow, and I think the symptoms that affects the actual business owner if you took it from a personal point of view, that’s when they start getting the stress levels get high. When people get stressed and overwhelmed. They’re not sleeping at night. When you’re not sleeping at night. Then you wake up you’re tired in the morning and that overwhelm that frustration can cause procrastination, which means that then you don’t do the things that you need to be doing. And if you’re not doing the things that you need to be doing consistently, that’s just going to compound that feeling of overwhelm and then stress, which then compounds into lack of sleep. And before you know it, if you haven’t addressed the issues, then you’re just gonna get this spiraling downward spiral of emotions and feelings. And if your emotions and feelings are not good, then you’re not going to take good actions and if you don’t take the good consistent actions, you’re not going to get the results. So but it starts with the belief and thoughts in your in your head first. So I always like to work with my clients first with their belief systems, because if we can work on those beliefs, and help them have strong beliefs, so that even when they face challenging situations, they can come back to their beliefs that will keep their emotions high so that they can keep taking action to keep getting the results they want. So working with thoughts, beliefs, and also actions is critical for the success of business and that’s how I work with my clients, coaching them through those specific areas.

Nyrie [8:09] Okay, great. And what are the common mistakes that people often make when they’re trying to sort of dig themselves out of the situation they’re in and what they’ve got going through their head?

Katherine [8:19] Well, I think a common one, I think, is the shiny object syndrome. The shiny object syndrome is they they start getting panicked and stressed and then they see the next shiny thing so they might be scrolling on Facebook looking for an answer looking for an idea and they see something and they think, Oh, I could try this. This is this is something I haven’t done. Before. And before they know that they’ve gone down this rabbit hole, they’ve signed up for another program, and then they get lost down an rabbit hole where they originally was not part of their plan. And that’s why having a a strategic plan. So it’s specific purpose specific goals, specific strategies in place, and tactics that they know that they have to do every day consistently. And if they can have that front and center and be focused on it, it can help them what can probably help prevent the distractions of the shiny object because then the question is, is this new thing I’m looking at? Is that part of my plan? Is this going to help what I’ve already planned and strategize to do for the year? And if the answer is no, then it shouldn’t be looked at it shouldn’t be done. That doesn’t mean you’ll never do it. It means put it on the backburner and just focus on what you plan to do and what you strategize to do and keep taking actions on the tactics and actions that you need to be taking to achieve the strategy so that you can achieve your goal. So it’s that lack of focus and clarity once people go off, track down that then causes all sorts of problems like procrastination, overwhelm and stress. So I think the key thing though, Nyrie, is they have to have a good plan, a good goal, good strategy in place, and basically work the plan and when people need help with that that’s where a coach or a mentor comes in accountability buddies, whoever you need, but someone to help you stay focused on the goal that you’ve set for yourself.

Nyrie [9:13] Could not agree more because as you say, you know, when you go chasing those charts, shiny new things that you can often see and we’ve got so much stuff put in front of us every day. And I’ll call it stuff because it is stuff. Then what we do is we tend to just stay on what I call that hamster wheel. And we’ll just keep running around in circles and you know, it can actually cost us our business that we don’t have focus.

Katherine [9:38] Absolutely and and I think scrolling through Facebook I think, rather than scrolling and being a consumer of Facebook, I mean Facebook, people say Oh, Facebook’s bad, but you know, Facebook is a business tool. And if you use it as a business tool, so you should be ideally spending most of your time if you’re on Facebook, you’re doing it for research purposes. You’re in Facebook groups, maybe that’s a strategy I’m not saying you go and do this, but if that’s your strategy, a Facebook group strategy, then great when you’re on Facebook be doing the strategy that you’re doing, or Facebook ads might be your strategy, great. If you’re on Facebook, doing your Facebook ads, great, then that’s a good time spent but if your time is being spent on Facebook, just scrolling through other feeds, and looking at other people’s successes and comparing yourself to like, oh, this person’s won an award and I haven’t won any awards. Next they say Oh, this person’s just launched their book. I haven’t got a book yet. Oh, by the time you’re finished scrolling and looking at everybody’s success stories, you’ve wasted an hour or two and all you’ve done is you’ve affected these thoughts in your head which affect your feelings, which means you’re probably not going to take the action and you’ve wasted time as well. So not the time to do the actions you should be doing. So I say stay in your lane. Stay focused on your own goal, your own strategies, and just keep focused on doing what you set out to achieve at the beginning of the year, and consistently review your goals and strategies to make sure that you are still on target.

Nyrie [11:08] Awesome. Thank you and what’s one valuable free action that the listeners can implement that will help them solve the problems that they’re having around sales?  

Katherine [11:18] well, two things. Firstly, I’ll give them a little technique that I do teach my clients and it’s a reframing techniques as some of you may have heard of it. Are you doing it? This is the question. So a reframing technique is when something happens and you don’t like it like something bad happens. The idea is to reframe that situation. Change the story in your mind. So instead of it being negative, and oh, this didn’t work, it’s switching to a positive thought looking for the silver lining, looking for the positive in it. And reframing what’s happened to say instead of all that, I did a Facebook ad and I got no signups. It you know wasted my money. Instead you reframe it to I did a Facebook ad. And although I didn’t get any signups I have now learned what I need to do differently. So now when I go and do the next Facebook ad, I know I can tweak it to improve it. So changing that negative experience into a positive learning experience. Because if you don’t do that you won’t move on, you won’t get back up and do another Facebook ad. So there has to be a learning there has to be a positive in everything that happens even if it’s not what you expected. So reframing everything and it’s why when people say Oh, I’m not good enough. When you hear that voice in your head, I’m not good enough. And that’s a very common one. Reframe it’s like stop. No, I am good enough. And remind yourself of all the things you have done. You have completed you have achieved and sometimes you have to be your own coach. If you haven’t got a coach, then get a coach. But sometimes you have to also be your own coach and give yourself that self talk that positive self talk. So that’s techniques that you can implement straightaway. But another thing that Nyrie that people can do is and I actually run free training sessions now I’m not sure what date this podcast will be going out. But I frequently do live zoom sales masterclass trainings and it’s 60 minutes live on Zoom. And the title is the see the three secrets that is stopping you from doubling your sales and how to fix it. So it’s a very comprehensive in depth no sales pitch. It’s pure sales training. But if you come sat register for the class, come along, you get to ask questions at the end, and you can learn all about the sales process. And some of the issues that are stopping you from doubling your sales. So that would be an hour, very well spent. So I’ll give you the link Nyrie to put in your show notes and then if people click on that link and register, the date of the next class will come up because as I say I do these regularly so there will be a link for that in the show notes. There’s your two things that your listeners can do.

Nyrie [14:08] Brilliant. Thank you so much. The last question is what question what is the one question that I should have asked you but I didn’t?

Katherine [14:16] the one question that you should have asked me. Oh, well, a lot of people like to know where I’m from and where my accent is from because it does confuse people. So Larry and I were talking before we got onto the show, and we’re practically neighbors. So we’re both we’re both living in Australia at different states but only about an hour and a bit away from each other. I’m actually based in Brisbane, Australia. However, I was brought up in Liverpool in the UK. So for those of you who detected the English accent, you were correct. I do have an English accent. I’m from Liverpool originally but I’ve spent most of my adult life now in Brisbane Australia. And so I do I consider myself Australian Now although the Australians don’t think I sound Australian and of course the English people think I sound Australian so I’m a bit of a bit of a blend of English and Australian now.

Nyrie [15:18] Okay, wonderful. Thank you for that. Okay, well, look Thank you, Catherine. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

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