Have you been feeling overwhelmed and stuck when it comes to creating that most memorable event that makes you and your brand shine out above your competition? Do you always end up having little-to-no traction at all when it comes to marketing yourself and your events?

You can’t sit back on your laurels or try to go it alone – that’s the hard truth and it won’t get you anywhere. However, if you feel like you’re ready to set your stage onfire, then Anza Goobar of Bankable events can show you how its done!

Anza is an executive with more than 2 decades of experience designing and fine-tuning highly successful conversion strategies for corporate events, conventions, and conferences. She has worked with clients from boutique brands to Fortune 100 corporations to implement these monetization strategies into their events to generate revenue, increase value for event participants, and build brand loyalty.

Her expertise shines in successfully aligning client’s vision and revenue goals with the proper event design and conversion strategies – tailored to the success of their event and their brand. 

Sit back and grab a drink while Anza shares how YOU can expand globally with little stress, high assurance, and better leads to you shining..

Check out these episode highlights:

02:14 – Anza’s ideal client: The ideal client iis a service provider like a coach consultant speaker or author who is looking to leverage their expertise to build their business,

02:43 – The problem she helps solve: Strategically how to put ‘bums on seats’ and get people to show up for an event.

04:26 – The symptoms of the problem: They don’t know what they don’t know and so, they feel like they’re floundering. They often feel like they have imposter syndrome.

06:56 – Clients’ common mistakes before consulting Anza: Trying to follow a cookie-cutter solution and in my business, we do everything custom. We find that rarely if ever there’s a cookie-cutter solution fit to give you the results that you specifically are looking for in your business,

08:03 – Anza’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Don’t try to do it yourself.

09:17 – A sponsorship pitch deck, because you can offset some of your event cost by bringing sponsors into the mix and most people don’t know how to create a pitch deck that converts potential sponsors into paying sponsors.

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